While She’s In For Maintenance, May As Well Let Her Have A Shampoo

If you love your car as much as the next reader does, then she’s your baby. And if you’ve been treating her like a gentleman should, then what a fine lady she’s turned out to be. Of course, one of the things you’ve had to do all these years is subject her to a regular maintenance inspection. Because you are such a caring guy, this would probably take place at least once a year. But so it goes that even nice guys like you deserve a break.

Not that you mind doing the work. It’s usually a real pleasure for you. Over the weekend, you’d spend just that extra bit of time buffing her body up so that it shines like a crystal clear lake somewhere in Alaska. And you’ve done her interiors up nicely too. Stepping into your car is a pleasurable experience for any passenger that you would care to take along with you and her for your Sunday morning drive.

car wash maintenance

She smells just so clean and fresh. All this being said so far, you do want to spend more time out with your ladybird, don’t you? So, here is what you can do in the future. You give the best four-wheeled bird in town the combo treatment. It’s called the car wash maintenance plan all rolled into one. Now, just how regular you want to spoil your car is going to be entirely up to you. But you can never say that you are going to be spoiling her rotten.

No, how could you? After all, your car’s engine is going to be clean as a whistle as well, ticking along just so fine. And that’s not rotten, not by a mile.  

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