Minor Dents And Dings Repair Steps

Fighting the forces of Mother Nature is a never ending battle.  Beaming sun, torrential rains, hail and frigid snows will all do damage to our vehicles.  When the storms are over and calm has returned praying that the storms have done little to no damage to our property is what we have to hold onto.  In some situations we will have damage to our vehicles. 

When inspecting our vehicles for needed hail damage repair lakewood co, the majority will be to the top and sides of our cars.  In some situations windows may experience damage but that is in extreme cases.  When inspecting damage to your cars it is a good idea to take photos of what you see.  Video is also recommended as well so you can get a full sense of the situation and even other damages you might miss from a first photo pass.

Home Remedies

When assessing our damage we might find some small superficial damage to our cars.  After closer inspection and review of our insurance policies taking the vehicle to a repair show might not be needed.  For those situations some home remedies may do the trick.

Dry Ice

hail damage repair lakewood co,

This is a unique one.  The theory is that the difference in temperature between the dry ice and the vehicles dent will cause enough pressure to pop out the dent.  To do this hold the dry ice close to the dent and move it around.  Wear gloves of course but this is all you have to do.  In theory it will pull the dent out of the car.

Park your car in direct sunlight

This has the same principle as the dry ice.  When parking the car in direct sun the heat from the sun will warm up the area of the car allowing the dent to pop. 

If home remedies are not your thing take it to a shop and have it looked at.  Depending on the size and location of the dent a repairman may be able to pop it easily.  

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